Subtitles or a love poem in plain language
8m 52s, no audio
Single channel video on CRT TV, two sheets of glass, A3 laser print, personal archive in color prints, rug

A silent video of analog black and white images, Subtitles or a love poem in plain language is a meditation on the origins of creative acts. Each of its four-second frames contains a line and a photograph; neither illustrates the other. And so, with this mismatch, we are thrown into a dilemma: read the text or interpret the image (which says nothing of an attempt to draw connections, however unintended by the artist). Subtitles began as a response to Édouard Lévé’s celebrated memoir Autoportrait before transforming into an auto-fictional foray into the artist’s creative origins and personal histories. Cao delves, with poetic brevity, into what she calls ‘proto-practices’, or the unassuming creative acts performed in our youth: like the writing and photography of Cao’s childhood, neither of which have, until now, made it into her artistic practice. (Tendai John Mutambu)

.giff Festival of New Cinema
Screening program by Los Otros
Warehouse Eight, Makati City
30 November 2019

2nd Hobiennale
Tomorrow with three stanzas : screening program by recess (
Cinema One, 68 Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania
16, 21 November 2019

On a daily basis
Group exhibition with screenings curated by State Projections
Helmut Galerie, Das Werk Wien, Vienna, Austria
10-31 October 2019

2019 Asian Artist Moving Image Platform
A Sense of the Earth : 2nd Curatorial Forum (with Los Otros)
Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus, Seoul, South Korea
8-9 November 2019

15th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival
The Maltings Theatre, Berwick-upon-Tweed, UK
19-22 September 2019

19th Seoul International NewMedia Festival
LOTTE Cinema, Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea
15-24 August 2019

Lost Frames XI: Pasinaya screening program
Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila
4 February 2018

Lost Frames VII: [REC] screening program
Catch272, Quezon City
13 December 2017

Parle pas français, merci group exhibition
Corredor Gallery, U.P. College of Fine Arts, Quezon City
8-25 September 2017