Soft Body (2013-2017)

3R color prints, polytarp prints, wooden table and bench, rocks


Soft Body (2013-2017) is an ongoing project that centers on my personal archive of photos of works I’ve seen in person along with wall texts and labels. I’ve been taking them since 2013 and is an ongoing exercise I think of as note-taking.

The installation came after discussions with artist-curator Gary-Ross Pastrana on the idea of “important exhibitions” — whether they be contemporary or historically significant ones — vis-a-vis being considered an artist on the periphery. This prompted a realization of how I and many of my peers (as both artist and audience) miss out on a lot of art our work could be in conversation with, mostly because of time and geography, along with the lack of means and opportunities for work and travel. I wanted to make something of the tangential processes that go into my work, and through the prints-table-seat setup, initiate chance encounters for people to find something in what I’ve been fortunate enough to have found (and found interesting).

The table and bench came from a carinderia along Malingap Street onto which I added layers of polytarp prints of some of my own photographs of flowers to play with the characteristically saturated floral vinyl tablecovers in small, local eateries and homes.

Group exhibition curated by Gary-Ross Pastrana
Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery, Makati City
16-30 June 2017