Recitation (Spirit)

Photo print on tulle, wood, tube lights
213.4 x 138.4 x 48.5 cm (84 x 54.5 x 14 in)


Recitation (Spirit) works with ideas on visibility in relation to materiality, physical perception, and public participation. It explores the potential of images and their presentations to be unintelligible, to stutter, or to resist documentation.

The work was primarily directed by the curiosity of whether a photograph printed on tulle fabric would appear legible, and how the resulting degree of perceptibility would work with/against the exhibition venue and the exhibitionary device of a frame/stand — a simulation of makeshift street signs and metal barriers — while trying to maintain a light or breath-like quality.

3rd Kamias Triennial
Sawsawan: Conversations in the Dirty Kitchen
curated by Patrick Cruz, Su-Ying Lee, and Allison Collins
Kamias Special Projects / 124 K-8th St, East Kamias, Quezon City
7-22 February 2020

Photo 1 by Yuji de Torres, photo 3 by MM Yu