Intro, outro, bridge


Intro, outro, bridge is a temporary gathering and arrangement of objects and documents of works produced and/or exhibitions mounted (or remounted) within the year. These objects were made to be presented in forms — photographic prints, installations, or in film screenings — differing from this current arrangement and context. Most works included in this exhibition are contingent and mutable, shaped by different hands, eyes, and situations. This exhibition is a venue for objects to become material, modified and restructured by a new configuration.
In the same way that some works were produced through a collaborative method integrating commissions from other artists and makers, included are two commissioned texts that converse with and depart from the body of work, in itself a new work.

In a practice that primarily involves the object and the exhibition as mediums, what we see here represents groups of work conceived and installed as a way to pay attention to things other than the palpable glint or grain of materials and surfaces.

Originally made for and in various platforms and geographic locations, the gesture of gathering and recontextualizing these materials suggests that art objects can extend beyond their initial placement and duration. The exhibition space is not presented as a self-contained whole but as passageways that locate and dislocate, allowing the generation and continuation of a body of work not self-contained or complete but dispersed, supplementary, and never finished.

a knowing intimacy or a life
Group exhibition curated by Carlos Quijon, Jr.
University of the Philippines Vargas Museum
7 Dec 2019 - 7 Mar 2020

Exhibition catalogue

Installation photos by Miguel Lorenzo Uy; A.G. de Mesa (7, 15, 23-24, 26, 28-30, 34-35, 37); Lesley-Anne Cao (1, 6)