Charcoal drawings on unstretched canvas, two-channel video, reading material

This group of work is about process and the activities peripheral to but that do not directly shape, or are not actively performed for, material output.

Drawings: origins of other project ideas unfulfilled, text assessing works-in-progress, spaces occupied and impressed on by a body at rest.

During this time, I photographed everyday activities that happen away from and around the work and compiled the images into a video in chronological sequence of a second each. Set beside this is a video documentation for the drawings of and for Rest. Reading material skimmed through and perused during this specific period were also presented in the space.

Culmination exhibition after the Artery Mentorship Program
Artery Art Space, Quezon City
22-29 November 2014

4 young Filipino artists participate in Manila’s Artery Mentorship Program by Javelyn Ramos on Art Radar Journal