Arrangement (490 flowers, 67 A. Mabini)

Digital print on satin
320 x 101.6 cm (10.5 x 3.33 ft)


Arrangement (490 flowers, 67 A. Mabini) is a gathering of all flowers in our family home since the 1990s, compressing the interior and domestic into one pictorial space brought together by the simple criterion of flora.

For this arrangement, I documented everything recognizably floral, made digital cut-outs, and assembled them as a visual catalog of the interior world I am currently quarantined in. The Philippines is under the world's longest ongoing lockdown; by the time the exhibition it is part of opens, Metro Manila will have been in various degrees of quarantine for 237 days and counting.

Group exhibition at Mind Set Art Center
Taipei City, Taiwan
7 November - 12 December 2020

Installation photos courtesy of Mind Set Art Center

There are always flowers for those who want to see them 
Group exhibition curated by Nicole Tee
West Gallery, Quezon City
10 August - 9 September 2023