A song plays from another room

Two engraved glass books, metal ball chains, glass tanks, four photobooks (laser print on waterproof paper), catalog (inkjet on transparency film), various plastic ponkan wrappers, wave makers, mirrors, water, score by Itos Ledesma (two-channel audio, 43m 24s)


In A song plays from another room, Lesley-Anne Cao meditates on the circumstances of rapture, contemplating the two-faced nature of such an event, sitting atop both planes of joy and terminality. She works with disturbances in the dark and light, and in the air and water to submerge and unearth the relations between wakefulness and sight, somnolence and vision, and the crevices in the in-between. Presenting pensive reproductions of scenes and observations of the “ordinary” as embodied and interdimensional field notes, she accompanies and allows the close mundane to mingle, coalesce, and transform into the eye-opening. (Michelle Esquivias, exhibition text)

MO_Space Gallery
Taguig City, Metro Manila
13 Nov - 11 Dec 2021

Artforum Critics’ Picks by Carlos Quijon, Jr. 

Video/documentation courtesy of MO_Space & Miguel Lorenzo Uy