30 seconds, 2 years, 3 minutes

Two-channel video, sound, 30 seconds and 3 minutes, 20 seconds


A small section of an artificial pond at a Metro Manila mall, shot two years apart. One is a phone video taken by chance in January 2020, prompted by the discovery of what looked like a pendant or earring sunken among the fish, far from the edge of the water. Why it was there I could only imagine.

I passed through the area again in 2022 when lockdowns had lifted, and noticed that the atrium had re-opened, the pool populated by noticeably different fish. The second in the diptych is a restaging, a simulation in a different fidelity, of the original low-res document of an inconsequential mystery.

An aging double
curated by Gary-Ross Pastrana
MO_Space Gallery
7 May - 5 June 2022

Exhibition documentation courtesy of MO_Space Gallery and Miguel Lorenzo Uy